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49th National Student Commonwealth Forum

Aug 25 - Aug 30, 2024

IMPORTANT NOTICE: NSCF Rescheduled. Due to a delay in Canadian Heritage approval of 2024-2025 funding.

Official Languages: Delegates are encouraged to use the official language of their choice, within their English, French or bilingual work group.  Simultaneous translation will be available for plenary sessions.


What is NSCF?

Connect with each other, with Canada, & The Commonwealth

At NSCF, youth from grade eleven to second-year post-secondary increase their knowledge, develop new skills, and clarify their values, through focussed reflection and direct experience.  Delegates examine what Canadians are proud of (our identity) and learn the importance of reconciliation, diversity, and inclusion in building consensus on a better way forward.


Each year, delegates examine a current global issue from a government, social, economic, and environmental perspective.  This year's topic is Climate Change.


Students will be brought to Ottawa to spend a week:

- exploring our heritage;

- debating Canadian issues in the Canadian Senate;

- engaging with subject matter experts; 

- meeting with a representative of one of the 56 Commonwealth countries, and 

- then represent that country at a mock Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), hosted by Global Affairs Canada.

Democracy in action.  The Commonwealth promotes democracy, equality, and sustainable development.  A CHOGM resolution is consensus-based, outlining a path forward that is inclusive/supported by all Commonwealth countries and that takes into account their rich diversity.

The NSCF develops people's capacity to contribute to their communities.  Delegates will return to their communities having gained skills like public speaking, networking, and leadership. They will become global ambassadors and agents of change for a better world.​

"The Commonwealth makes the world safe for diversity"

- Nelson Mandella


NSCF is considered a Gold level project, under the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and eligible towards community service hours.

What to Expect


Debates, Discussions, and Learning

​The week is filled with opportunities to engage with real international issues and learn about how different countries are working on them.


​Personal and Skills Development

You and fellow delegates are challenged and encouraged to improve mutual understanding through active listening and sharing opinions both in small group and large discussion forum settings.


Lifelong Friendships​

​NSCF delegates are not just friends for the week, but also for life. They bond over a fun-filled week of learning and exploring common values that bind us together.

“The National Student Commonwealth Forum was a highlight of my high school career and I would recommend it to all young Canadians.

- Danielle K. | Hamilton, Ontario | NSCF 2015 (India)

"I made new friends" (93%)
"I would recommend it to a friend" (98%)

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