The National Student Commonwealth Forum


What is NSCF?

At NSCF, youth from grade eleven to second year post-secondary travel from across Canada to our nation's capital to spend a week learning about the Commonwealth, their country, and international affairs.

Each year, delegates discuss an important international topic we select based on current global issues. Students spend the week debating in the Canadian Senate, hearing from insightful speakers, and meeting with representatives of the Commonwealth country they are chosen to represent in NSCF’s capstone event: CHOGM. At the mock Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, delegates put their new knowledge to use and practice debating and consensus-building skills

Delegates will return to their communities having gained skills like public speaking, networking, and leadership. They will become ambassadors for the Commonwealth and youth leaders fighting for a better world.

What to Expect


Debates, Discussions, and Learning

​The week is filled with opportunities to engage with real international issues and learn about how different countries are working on them.


​Personal and Skills Development

You and fellow delegates are challenged and encouraged to share opinions both in small group and large discussion forum settings.


Lifelong Friendships​

​NSCF delegates are not just friends for the week, but also for life. They bond over a fun-filled week of learning and exploring the nation's capital.

“The National Student Commonwealth Forum was a highlight of my high school career and I would recommend it to all young Canadians.

- Danielle K. | Hamilton, Ontario | NSCF 2015 (India)

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